Friday, November 27, 2009

Assists of the Week

Just stumbled on this over at 101 Great Goals - the best assists of the week ending 11/22. I love these just as much as great shots. The vision and distribution that leads to these goals is phenomenal. I think number 3 (Giorgos Samaras, Greece) is my favorite out of this batch but honestly, it is hard to pick a favorite.

1. Andres Iniesta, Spain
2. David Silva, Spain
3. Giorgos Samaras, Greece
4. James McFadden, Birmingham
5. Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona
6. Aaron Lennon, Tottenham
7. Wilson Palacios, Tottenham
8. Diego Milito, Inter
9. Carlos Marchena, Valencia

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Amaretto Whipped Cream

One of my two contributions to Thanksgiving Dinner: Amaretto Whipped Cream. Turned out awesome...may or may not be any left by the time the apple pie is broken out.

Fanfarlo - The Walls are Coming Down

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have family in town and are just spending time together, lazing around the house, playing with the dog, cooking and watching football. Here's one of the more popular songs on the stereo in our house these days. Fanfarlo is from London and was formed by a Swedish guy named Balthazar. In addition to the regular compliment of drums and guitar, they also lace trumpet, violin and mandolin into their songs. If that doesn't cause just a little bit of curiosity...I am not sure what will. Enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFC Goes Undefeated!

With our win today, our coed team took our 9th league title and did so with an undefeated season (10-0). The 1972 Dolphins are officially uprooted as legends of sport, replaced by AFC. Congrats to the team!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

August Rush and the IMPACT Repertory Theatre

Watched the movie August Rush tonight. I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I think that being away from home, traveling for work so much makes me more susceptible to sappy movies. Regardless, this portion of the film's score was awesome so I thought I would share it. Enjoy.

This tune from the movie was also really cool (Raise It Up by the IMPACT Repertory Theatre). I like this tune a lot and its different from most music I listen to. This is the IMPACT Repertory Theatre performing the song at the 2008 Oscars.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gary Lee LaBar Sr.

We spent the last two days in Nacogdoches, TX, celebrating my Uncle Gary, who passed away this past week. Uncle Gary would call us up every time a hurricane was coming for Louisiana and tell us to get out of dodge and come visit him. I can still hear his voice on the phone.
"What are you still doing there? You better get outta there William."
Gary loved his family, worked hard, had a great sense of humor and will be missed by all of us. The ceremony was beautiful and lots of his family and friends got up to say a few words. You can read his obituary here. Also, you can go view a slideshow made by his family here.

Here's to Gary, my father's brother, our shelter from the storm.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Drive By Truckers in Austin

Here's a photo taken by my friend when we went to the Drive By Truckers show 2 weeks ago in Austin. We were only a few feet from the stage and the show totally rocked. These guys are great live. If you have never heard of this band, they are totally worth checking out.

Here's a tune called Marry Me from Decoration Day. Enjoy.

Austin Signs: Never Handle Grounded Bats