Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Coach (me): I think this set of sprints might be a little excessive.
Coach (other): I didn't realize it would actually take this long...

NYC: Jazz Scene

Monday, October 27, 2008

NYC: Martini Mark

Here's a photo of my friend Mark after a few martinis at a jazz club in NYC. He was going solo on a bottle of red and I was actually downing White Russians if I remember correctly. Although, that martini glass looks might suspicious...

NYC Signs: Hot Dog Stand

In the same vein as Cajun Signs....check out this site of NYC signs (also from Kottke). On our latest trip to NYC I took a lot of shots of various street scenes and signs. Here's one of many, taken prior to the long night at the jazz club we ended up at. I have some interesting photos from that evening that might make the light of day here...

Confessions of a Naked Sushi Model

Fresh on the heels of Catch of the Day, I found this post on Kottke tonight: Check out Confessions of a Naked Sushi Model.
Changing back into my jeans and T-shirt, I took a first stab at evaluating my brief adventure in exhibitionism. What had I gained? I had an envelope stuffed with $150 of well-earned cash that might go toward an extra hour of therapy, or a new pair of shoes. I had a beautiful pink flower pinned to my hair and a teensy, matching thong still taped to my pelvis. I also had two slightly irritated nipples, a minor buzz from the sake Koko gave me after dinner, and a bizarre story sure to entertain my friends and, if necessary, provoke my parents.
Kottke goes on to provide you with a link to a NYC restaruant if you happen to be one of my northern readers.

Sigur Rós - Heima

I thought I had posted this before and was all ready to apologize for the repeat but I cannot seem to find the post that I thought existed. Oh well. So no apologies I guess.

Here is a beautiful song from Sigur Rós to start your week with. It's on repeat here this morning.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Coach: You're late. Everything ok?
Player: I'm tired.
Coach: Were you up late?
Player: Yeah.
Coach: Are you hungover?
Player: A little bit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catch of the Day

My wife and I have been eating at the same sushi bar for the last 8 years (Bonsai Sushi). It's a nice simple sushi restaurant, good fish, and decent service. The restaurant has been successful and recently opened up a second location in the downtown area of Lafayette. This second restaurant has been open for a little while now and it is much more swanky than the first.

One of the interesting quirks about Bonsai is the fact that they always seem to hire relatively young women (probably in college) and then outfit them in clothes that are fairly revealing. Its been a long running joke when we talk about the place with friends. Apparently, they are ready to take their risqué culture to the next level. Their Grand Opening ceremony this upcoming weekend will feature a nude model on the bar, from which diners will be invited to grab the catch of the day. Check out the press release in the local entertainment newspaper.

On Maradona, Coaching and the Whizzinator

This post over on the World Cup Blog was just a little too out there not to share with you all. Highlights:

1. Maradona making a pitch to step in as the head coach of Argentina's national team. If you are like me and remember watching him and his gang in the stands at the last world cup...it just makes you laugh. Would anyone take this man seriously? I don't care how good of a player you are, it doesn't always make you a good coach.

2. The post discusses Maradona's appearance in the news as a result of a thief stealing his "whizzinator" from a museum. This device is used to help you fake urine tests. The hopeful coach of Argentina used to employ this device when he played for his club Napoli.

Check out the post here, and follow the links to the product details when you are not at work.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed

I'm not 100% sure what to make of this upbeat sounding folk song that is filled with lyrics about death...except for the fact that I find it pretty unique, catchy and a good candidate for the next monthly mix. Video is ok...doesn't live up to the lyrical quality.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Veron vs Botafogo

Juan Sebastián Verón's nickname is La Brujita, or Little Witch, and this shot is simply fired out of a cannon.

Imitation as a form of flattery

Here is an interesting take on the latest ad campaign from Microsoft, which Mark commented on last month. I have not been a big fan of the I'm a PC campaign and pretty much think that Microsoft is having its lunch eaten when it comes to head to head marketing points against Apple. I mean, honestly, I am afraid of Vista at this point.

"That's the problem with Microsoft's ads. They're still #1 and the bigger company, but by referencing Apple's successful ad campaign, they're acting like Apple is #1. (John Gruber made this same point the other day.) The ads fail because they serve to remind people that Apple comes up with good ideas that Microsoft then takes and shapes into something that so-called "normal people" can use or understand."

via Kottke

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pissed Off

Blogger must be pissed off at my lack of activity. The Rogue Wave post on BOB was suddenly deleted this afternoon. Either that or someone stole my online identity. If so, and you are reading this, please help me post more often, I think people are getting upset with me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frankie Hejduk, the Caffeine Pusher

Gather your strength fierce warriors, for today we battle
like the ocean, no talk and all action
- Bob Marley

For some reason, I decided to watch this profile on Frankie Hejduk from the US Men's Soccer Team. It's pretty interesting from a few perspectives.

1. There are a lot of Hejduk Haters out there and for folks who appreciate the finer skills of professional soccer players, I can see why. He is not an elegant player by any means. Ever wonder how his touch on the ball can be so bad? Well, he stocks up on espresso before the opening whistle...and pretty much all day. Seriously, watch the first minute of this and be amazed.
2. Furthermore, Frankie goes on to describe how the team dopes up on caffeine before the game! Holy cow. For those of you who might question this, you are right. Caffeine is one of the substances that the NCAA tests for (or used to at least) back when I was in college.
3. Frankie is a Marley fan, and writes Marley quotes like the one above on the team whiteboard. Pretty cool quote actually.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We ended up in the tournament final this weekend and went to Penalty Kicks yet again. We were down 2-0 in the game and came back to tie it 2-2. The following short conversation happened as I was picking my 5 kickers for the PK's.

Coach: Hey (Player 1) so last week you said you've never missed a PK in your life? Get on the line.
Player 1: Well, I've only ever taken 3. One was in the state finals though.
Player 2: ...and that was 4 years ago.

We ended up not winning this round of PKs. So we were second best this weekend.

Ha Ha Tonka - St. Nicks on the Fourth in a Fervor

Bluegrass + Southern Rock is always sure to peak my interest so when I heard of Ha Ha Tonka (from the Ozark region of Missouri) I needed to check them out. Lucky that I did, because this tune may become one of my favorite songs pretty quickly. Not only does it rock, but the lyrics are pretty damn good as well.

Lets get one thing straight from the get-go
This glimpse of brilliance is better than a long look at mediocrity

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tournament Update

This weekend is the second tournament of our fall season. We had two games today and won both. We looked strong in the first game and weak in the second. For the second time now, we have scored a goal within the first minute of a game, only to let our guard down and take our opponent lightly. It was a beautiful goal, but when you go up 1-0, 36 seconds into a game, it is hard to stay focused. So we gave up a goal just 2 minutes later.

And when I say "for the second time" I mean it literally. We have played two games where we have scored in the first minute, and we gave up a goals in both games 2 minutes later.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Emotions in a Security Line

Not sure how I made my 5:45 am flight out of Baltimore this morning...I was running pretty late. Either way, I really dislike the emotions that I feel in a security line when there is the risk of missing your flight and the line stretches down hallways and around corners. From nervousness to anger to sheer impatience, frustration and fear, it is not a pleasant way to start the day. And then, when you get through and you realize you're going to make it, you try to put that all behind you and go back to being normal. I am not very good at packing away emotions after they surface.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Coach: You need to do a better job of getting to the field on time before the game.
Player: Not me. I'm always early.
Coach: I was referring to the collective "you."
Player: Why didn't you just say "Ya'll"?

Tournament Weekend Recap

The U-18 team I coach successfully won its first tournament that we competed in this fall. This is a big milestone for us since we just bumped up one competitive level and picked up a bunch of new players. Being able to start out with a success like this one is a great tone to set for what is left of the fall season and in preparation for the state cup in the spring. The weekend definitely had its ups and downs though. We had to come back in two of our 4 games. In fact, in the final, we were down 2-0 and then came back to tie it up 2-2 in the second half. We ended up winning the game on penalty kicks. Obviously, being able to pick ourselves up after being down 2 goals is one of the "ups." That kind of character is what you look for as a coach.

I need to figure out my defense. Historically, we are a team that is very stingy on giving up goals. That doesn't seem to be the case at the moment and I am not sure if that is simply because we are playing a higher level of competition or if some sort of adjustment needs to be made. I'll be working on it as soon as we hit the practice field again.

I gave the guys Tuesday off and am camped out at the airport at 4:30 this morning on my way to DC for a couple of days. Our next tournament is a local Lafayette one and I think it will prove to be extremely difficult.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Avett Brothers - Murder In The City

I picked a slightly more upbeat Avett Brothers tune for the latest mix (she looks back, you look back). This one almost made the playlist. After seeing this video, I like this one even more. Makes me think of my brothers and father. Great tune.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

she looks back, you look back

1. Give ‘em Hell – Hearts of Palm
2. Buttons – The Weeks
3. High Heeled Stomp – The Figs
4. Where & When – Hayden
5. Okay – KaiserCartel
6. Stuck for the Summer – Two Hours Traffic
7. Second Chance – Liam Finn
8. Swept Away - The Avett Brothers
9. No Water – Hearts of Palm
10. Heima (Studio Version ) - Sigur Rós
11. Rocky Took A Lover – BellX1
12. Your Love Is Strong – Jon Foreman
13. 5 Years Time – Noah and the Whale
14. Modern Mystery - Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
15. Soft Rock Star – Metric
16. Jezebel – Two Hours Traffic
17. Jigsaw Falling Into Place – Radiohead
18. Omaha - Tapes 'n Tapes
19. Black Sheep Boy - Okkervil River
20. Caroline - Old Crow Medicine Show
21. Compacto - Curumin

Better late than never, it's been a crazy long month with some high highs and low lows. Know a friend who might want one? Shoot me an email. Share the mix.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do people in Alaska really talk like that?

Ugh. Maybe I just don't like the accent. Am I supposed to be impressed by politicians talking down to me?

Front Door

I've taken to letting Jozy out the side and front doors to see if she can catch the squirrels in our back yard. So far, she misses them by a little less than a foot - which must be around only a couple hundreds of a second.

Black Out

I've passed out (or almost passed out) 3 times in my life:

1. At my confirmation in 7th grade I was convinced that God would deem me unworthy during the critical part of the ceremony. When the "laying on of hands" occurred, I was sure that was the moment when judgment would occur. Sure enough, the next thing I remember was being outside and someone giving me water. Talk about a guilt complex.

2. A Jewish friend of mine died when I was a teenager. The funeral included a ceremonial rite that had the participants, myself included, fill the grave at the end of the ceremony. For anyone who has not experienced this, it basically consists of contributing one shovel full to the grave. This caught me completely off guard, was followed by me imagining my friend being buried alive, and then I was out.

3. This past week - I was at a walk in clinic for my wife, who had a really high fever (she is better now). At some point, the doctor was showing her x-rays of her chest to show that everything looked ok. For some reason, similar to people's reaction to the sight of blood, I started to pass out. In the end, I did not, but it was damn close! Not sure what it was. I hadn't eaten any real food that day and I've been exhausted as of late...so maybe it was just the combined factors. Who knows. Funny thing though.