Monday, October 27, 2008

Confessions of a Naked Sushi Model

Fresh on the heels of Catch of the Day, I found this post on Kottke tonight: Check out Confessions of a Naked Sushi Model.
Changing back into my jeans and T-shirt, I took a first stab at evaluating my brief adventure in exhibitionism. What had I gained? I had an envelope stuffed with $150 of well-earned cash that might go toward an extra hour of therapy, or a new pair of shoes. I had a beautiful pink flower pinned to my hair and a teensy, matching thong still taped to my pelvis. I also had two slightly irritated nipples, a minor buzz from the sake Koko gave me after dinner, and a bizarre story sure to entertain my friends and, if necessary, provoke my parents.
Kottke goes on to provide you with a link to a NYC restaruant if you happen to be one of my northern readers.


The Whiskey said...

How is this not a health code violation?!

They make the Hooters waitresses wear thick, flesh colored stockings because their bootie shorts are considered too skimpy to be sanitary. I don't understand how this is exempt from that concern.

The Whiskey said...

Oh, and in 1996 I waitressed at a dessert and drinks place in Providence and was able to pull in around $150 on a weekend night without lying naked on a table with raw fish balanced on my body.

Point being, taking home $150 in the food service industry in NYC 12 years later is not that great.

wilablog said...

Good point. Thanks for the hard data. :-)

pele1410 said...

the whiskey,
You actually had to do work. She just had to lay there.