Thursday, October 23, 2008

On Maradona, Coaching and the Whizzinator

This post over on the World Cup Blog was just a little too out there not to share with you all. Highlights:

1. Maradona making a pitch to step in as the head coach of Argentina's national team. If you are like me and remember watching him and his gang in the stands at the last world just makes you laugh. Would anyone take this man seriously? I don't care how good of a player you are, it doesn't always make you a good coach.

2. The post discusses Maradona's appearance in the news as a result of a thief stealing his "whizzinator" from a museum. This device is used to help you fake urine tests. The hopeful coach of Argentina used to employ this device when he played for his club Napoli.

Check out the post here, and follow the links to the product details when you are not at work.

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pele1410 said...

Speaking of Maradona, I just watched a documentary about these 5 British, homeless, freestyle players who traveled to Argentina just to meet him. They used their skills to collect donations to cross the US, Mexico, Central America, and South America however they could. In the Hands of the Gods. He was apparently their inspiration in life and meant a great deal to them.