Saturday, April 28, 2012

FIL2012 Scenes: The View

FIL2012 Scenes: Inspired.

FIL2012 Scenes: Ethiopia in Lafayette

Debo Band from Ethiopia at Scene Popeyes

FIL2012 Scenes: "Standing" Base

FIL2012 Scenes: Media

FIL2012 Scenes: Too Young to Two Step

FIL2012 Scenes: Bombino

Bombino, led by a Taureg guitarist, playing desert rock with protest themes against the governments of Mali and Niger were in town last night as well. Taureg rebels just recently declared independence from Mali on April 6th, forming the state of Azawad...and that region is potentially facing a major humanitarian disaster and unrest. Made me wish I could understand the lyrics to their songs last night.  Read more about Azawad here.

FIL2012 Scenes: Beats Antique

Modern technology meets world music, tribal themes and on stage performance with Beats Antique. Not a bad way to start off FIL2012 last night.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Go west young man...

We started planning our next trip today...and it's going to be pretty awesome. Hear are the things on the agenda thus far, tickets for both purchased and locked in:

1. Watching the Seattle Sounders play at home vs. the LA Galaxy
2. Sigur Rós live in Portland

Can't wait for this trip. Two great events and a city that I've never been to (Portland).

Saturday, April 14, 2012

questions that lead to more questions

1.        Where The Wind Blows  *  Sea Wolf
2.        Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles)  *  Greg Laswell
3.        Working Titles  *  Damien Jurado
4.        To Travels & Trunks  *  Hey Marseilles
5.        Don't Mean a Thing  *  Uncle Lucius
6.        I Will Walk  *  Release The Sunbird
7.        Granddaddy  *  Patterson Hood
8.        Charleston  *  Sons of Bill
9.        Love Interruption  *  Jack White
10.     Guttersnipe  *  Bhi Bhiman
11.      Truth!  *  Ruthie Foster
12.      Grow  *  Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer
13.      The Rabbit  *  Miike Snow
14.      Honor Amongst Thieves  *  These United States
15.      Heart-skinned, Down  *  Release The Sunbird
16.      We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)  *  fun.
17.     Comeback Kid  *  Sleigh Bells
18.      Wicked Game  *  James Vincent McMorrow
19.      Santa Ana Winds  *  Sons Of Bill
20.     Rollin' n Tumblin'  *  North Mississippi Allstars

Friday, April 06, 2012

Balboa Jozy Reunion

 It's been a while since Jozy got to enjoy Lake Balboa out in Hot Springs Village. Here are a couple photos taken from a brief trip to the beach today. She was one happy dog.