Friday, October 17, 2008

Frankie Hejduk, the Caffeine Pusher

Gather your strength fierce warriors, for today we battle
like the ocean, no talk and all action
- Bob Marley

For some reason, I decided to watch this profile on Frankie Hejduk from the US Men's Soccer Team. It's pretty interesting from a few perspectives.

1. There are a lot of Hejduk Haters out there and for folks who appreciate the finer skills of professional soccer players, I can see why. He is not an elegant player by any means. Ever wonder how his touch on the ball can be so bad? Well, he stocks up on espresso before the opening whistle...and pretty much all day. Seriously, watch the first minute of this and be amazed.
2. Furthermore, Frankie goes on to describe how the team dopes up on caffeine before the game! Holy cow. For those of you who might question this, you are right. Caffeine is one of the substances that the NCAA tests for (or used to at least) back when I was in college.
3. Frankie is a Marley fan, and writes Marley quotes like the one above on the team whiteboard. Pretty cool quote actually.


rc said...

Cycling got me into coffee. I don't go for a ride unless I have 2 - 3 cups of joe in me, or a double shot of espresso...

In fact, most bike shops sell special blended coffees...

Anonymous said...

Bob Marley is over rated.
Coffee is over rated.