Saturday, October 17, 2009

Liverpool Loses via a Beach Ball

When you take a Rules of the Game test for soccer (either to be a referee or for coaching), they always ask some crazy questions about what the ref should do if the ball pops or if a bird somehow intercepts a shot and scores a goal. This is right out of that play book. Here is what happens:
  1. Liverpool fan hits beach ball on field.
  2. Sunderland player takes shot.
  3. Liverpool keep is well positioned to make save.
  4. Shot hits beach ball.
  5. Deflection causes goal.
  6. Liverpool loses.
It will be super hard to find a video of this. I found this animated gif over at Dirty Tackle. Check it out by clicking the link. The picture above is a view from the goal just as the shot was about to be taken. Crazy!

Update: I added two more photos that show the same view behind the goal as the ball goes in.


pele1410 said...

Being the Scouse hater I am...

Link to Unprofessional Foul with a video. First thing to note is that it is a Liverfool ball and a Liverfool supporter hitting it on the field.

Second, the ball actually deflects off of Glenn Johnson's foot, which causes more of the deflection than the beach ball.

pele1410 said...

Amusingly, a wikipedia search for Beach Ball already has a reference to the Liverfool event.

rc said...

I have read some articles that cite the "official rules of football" and claim the goal should have been disallowed. Too lazy today to do my own research though...

wilablog said...

I read somewhere that it should have been an indirect kick...but not sure if that is actually true. Would need to check with one of my referee contacts to find out.

pele1410 said...

Another sign that it was a bad call, referee Mike Jones has been punished by being sent to the Championship next weekend.