Friday, February 19, 2010

To be the best... have to beat the best.

Carlee and I have been watching the winter Olympics over the course of the last week. Watching any type of sport where the intensity, passion and sheer joy/pain of competition is so evident is awesome. From curling to snowboarding, I enjoy it all.

Tomorrow, the high school team I coach travels to northern Louisiana to compete in the state semifinals. It is no small accomplishment that we have made it this far and I am incredibly proud of the guys and excited to be a part of a team with the talent we have. This is the second year in a row that we have advanced to the final 4. Last year we were knocked out prior to reaching the finals. This year, we hope to reach the final and win it all. We are the underdog tomorrow, but that didn't stop us from pulling an upset in the quarterfinals against the #3 team in the state (we entered the playoffs ranked #6). Tomorrow we take on the second seed.

Here's to all competitors, champions and not...especially the guys on the teams I coach who put in all the hard work for the the love of the game.


SINEDDIE said...

is that the JV and Var. teams?
i count over 30 kids.

pele1410 said...

@SINEDDIE: that's lafayette high for you. They reject more kids than other schools have total.

wilablog said...

This picture also includes the freshman team.