Friday, March 19, 2010

Cruise Days 1-2

Cruises are interesting. This boat is so big that every time we walk around we find some other form of entertainment. People are everywhere. Finding the right pockets of time to chill and enjoy the weather, ocean, a frozen drink without a crowd takes talent, but it can be done.

Day 1 was filled with the boarding process, a 60 minute hot rock, scalp and foot massage (awesome), a fine dinner and some sleep.

Day 2 has been pretty laid back as well. Ended up playing some soccer with a bunch of guys for about 45 minutes or so. Only one ball went overboard. 2 assists. Couple good defensive stops but got nutmegged once. Only managed to cause pain to one ankle. Successful game overall.

The day is winding down now. We're relaxing on the top deck prior to dinner. Crowds are gone. It's me, my wife, my frozen Mai Tai and Miles on my headphones as I read my book and what I think is Cuba passes in the distance. So far its been a pretty fun trip.


Anonymous said...

sounds cool.
soccer on a ship...only you.

Xularite said...

Sounds pretty cool indeed. Miles on the headphones? That's classic man, in fact, that's the birth of the cool.