Sunday, May 30, 2010

Breaking Bracket

This weekend was the preliminary round of the state cup for the U-16 boys that I have been coaching this year. Prelims are in bracket play format and the only thing you focus on is advancing to the next round, which in our case meant punching a ticket to the state semifinals. This weekend we did that and did so in style, winning our first game 2-1 and then defeating the defending state champions 3-1. I'm super proud of my team. Last year they lost both games in the preliminary round. Making the semifinals with a statement like this is a big accomplishment. Now we'll take this momentum into the week ahead and get ready for the big game on Saturday.


Wayne LaBar said...


Just to let you know there are numerous studies showing momentum does not exist in sports. Rather teams that win win because they are better (example no way Orlando beats the Celtics in game 4 down 3-0 in Boston this year) Here is just one site that summarizes the data.

wilablog said...

That's interesting. I scanned the abstract but didn't sign up for the free trial in order to read the full article. Perhaps momentum is not the right term...or perhaps I am simply rephrase, I am thinking that the confidence and belief in our ability will have a positive influence. I have a hard time believing that a teenager's confidence in their ability and poise on the field fails to influence their performance in a positive way. Perhaps that is not the "momentum" that is being described in some of the studies you refer to?