Friday, November 04, 2011

My Oh My....

I've been meaning to post this for a while (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - My Oh My). Quite honestly, I think it is fantastic. You won't hear me say that about many rap or hip hop songs so let me provide a few contextual reasons:

1. I love great sport moments and in general, any passion around sport. This has that. And if you're a baseball fan, I think it will give you chills.
2. It's nostalgic. I grew up playing soccer and baseball in the back yard and being one of those kids asking for one more inning. This has that.
3. I took up an independent study in college on cognitive science and one of the areas we dove into was the analogy, comparison and insight into American culture that baseball provides. The last verse of this song, it has that.

So honestly, I can't recommend enough that you check this out if you think any of these concepts will resonate with you. What more could you ask from music, even if you don't like hip hop?


Xularite said...

Loved it, one of my favorite of your musical posts.

SINEDDIE said...

it's neat.
love the lyrics...not so much the rap..
"i don't collect cards anymore."
makes me think happy memories....
"i'll trade all my mets cards for your yankees"

mdeclouet said...

Very enjoyable. Brings me back to one memory in particular, and that was watching the Yankees winning the series in '96 with my dad (first series appearance and win since '81). Thanks for the post.