Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Spring/Summer Coed All Star Game

This was the first year I had a chance to play in the local coed all-star game and it was a blast. Somewhere way back when, I think it was my idea to start having these games (pat my own back for a second) but all of the real credit goes to my wife who, somehow, has managed to run this league on top of the 1000 other things she does that I cannot keep track off. She is truly amazing and is doing a great job in making sure the league is up and running. Events like this are just icing on the cake.

Note: Technically I was not selected as an all-star. I apparently get an automatic spot since I am a team captain. Fair play...just wanted to make sure I got that out there. I firmly believe there are better players than me who did not step on that field today.

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