Saturday, July 14, 2012

threw away the atlases

Lots of new artists for me on this one along with some old favorites. If you haven't checked out the Lumineers album yet, click on the link for song 8 below. Definitely one of my favorites of the year there. Love the new Joe Pug stuff as well. My wife thinks it sounds like the Barenaked Ladies. 

1. Mountain Sound  *  Of Monsters And Men
3. It All Began With a Burst  *  Kishi Bashi
4. My Own  *  Tin Sparrow
5. Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts  *  The Gaslight Anthem
6. Alone  *  Trampled by Turtles
7. Straw, Brick and Wood  *  The River and the Road
9. Walking Home  *  We Are Serenades
10. Death to My Hometown  *  Bruce Springsteen
11. We're Not the Same  *  Peasant
12. How Do I Know  *  Here We Go Magic
13. It's Only Life  *  The Shins
14. Queen of Hearts Blues (feat. Caleb Groh)  *  Kiersten Holine
15. The Trench  *  Chuck Ragan
16. Lakehouse  *  Of Monsters And Men
17. Submarines  *  The Lumineers
18. Ours  *  Joe Pug
19. Change My Needs  *  Scars On 45
20. The Calm and the Crying Wind  *  Trampled by Turtles
21. Take a Walk  *  Passion Pit 


SINEDDIE said...

sounds good to me....
need to send you a new ed mix.

mdeclouet said...

Disappointed I haven't received the last one yet. Are you sure you're putting Arizona, United States?