Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my gravity centered

I'm bad at sending these out these days...if you used to get them in the mail, I probably owe you a box set. This cover really appeals to me. The mix after this one is just about done as well. I have two months of backlogged playlists on the mac that I haven't published to this forum. Busy days. Been starting to dig into Johnny Cash these days so he makes an appearance on here. And of course, with the Sigur Rós show under our belt, they get to wrap up the show. 

1. Sweater Weather    ∫    The Neighbourhood
2. Follow the Sun    ∫    Xavier Rudd
3. Evermore    ∫    Barcelona
4. Don't Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas)    ∫    Regina Spektor
5. Get Me In A Room    ∫    Hallelujah The Hills
6. Oye Mi Cumbia    ∫    The Iguanas
7. Every Girl    ∫    Turnpike Troubadours
8. The Well    ∫    The Silent Comedy
9. Delia's Gone    ∫    Ben Nichols
10. Walk With You    ∫    Sin Fang
11. Bartholomew    ∫    The Silent Comedy
12. Beach    ∫    Peter Wolf Crier
13. One of Many    ∫    Joe Pug
14. 7 & 7    ∫    Turnpike Troubadours
15. History's Door    ∫    Husky
16. Guest of the Government    ∫    Admiral Fallow
17. Memories from a Shore    ∫    Right Away, Great Captain!
18. Women & Work    ∫    Lucero
19. That's What's Up    ∫    Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
20. Get Rhythm    ∫    Johnny Cash
21. Home Again    ∫    Michael Kiwanuka
22. Varúð    ∫    Sigur Rós   


mdeclouet said...

Looking forward to the box set. I'll even chip in for shipping

Luke Gentry said...

I'm thinking that you should put these together as published playlists in Spotify that we can subscribe too. I like the physical stuff still too, but it would make things easier.

wilablog said...

I'm a dinosaur...have yet to check out Spotify. Will check it out when I have time.