Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

My wife was backing up her iPhone to upgrade the OS and I found this photo below in our iPhoto library after the import. It's a pretty cool photo of me and Jozy in the snow in Arkansas this past Christmas.

It's been a great holiday season. We were able to visit my family in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving, spend time in Arkansas with my wife and her mother for Christmas, visit with our friends Mark and Karen who came back home from Arizona for the holidays, took lots of time off work, etc. Great food, wine, company, snow and some real fun Christmas gifts added some icing to the cake.

To top it all off in spectacular style, my brother and his wife just had twins! Eloise and August were born on 12/31/2012. Happy New Year to all of them (now a family of 5!) out in Arizona and Happy New Year to anyone one who happens to still come by this small space I've created out here in the world. Looking forward to 2013.

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Karen Gard said...

Love the post! And love visiting with you guys too!

Congrats to James, Janet, and Mabel on their new additions!