Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Snow Clásico, The Sno-Fro Game, the...

Call it what you will, this will be one of the greatest soccer games I have ever been to. Pictures do it no justice. Words fall short. The tension of the moment, the need to win, backs against the wall, weather reaching historic and unheard of all came together in 90 minutes with 22 men on a field, one referee who decided it was ok to play, at least 18 men with shovels to keep the lines cleared and a blizzard. It was awesome. Pictures follow after this video that shows how crazy this game was from a field level view. Wow.

Walk to the stadium.

Pregame - this was before it got bad.

These smiles are not fake. I had at least 6 layers on and enjoyed every minute of it.

Cutest fans in the stadium?

Snow coming off the roof.

The leftovers.

 The gang.

 Mid game!

ESPN crew. Yeah, they look uncomfortable.

Fun in the snow!

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