Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paulo Coelho - The Pilgrimage

A parable related to finding your own path, a journey that encourages you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, a book that makes me want to throw on a backpack, leave it all behind, become a pilgrim and a poet. A dangerous read for that alone.

"....wisdom has value only if it helps us to overcome some obstacle. A hammer would make no sense in the world if there were not nails to be driven. And even given the existence of nails, the hammer would be useless if it only thought 'I can drive those nails with two blows.' The hammer has to act. To put itself into the hands of the carpenter and to be used in its proper function." - Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage


Mark D said...

Looking for a good read. Thanks for the rec.

Retired said...

I want to check that out of the Labar library for my next road trip:)

William LaBar said...

Wow. Didn't realize a short teaser like that would carry so much impact. :-)

It's a good read - different for sure. Mystical, thought provoking, less focused on plot and more focused on humanity, meaning and spirituality. Hope you guys enjoy it!