Monday, November 25, 2013


It's been a few years…but I couldn't stay away from coaching forever. As a result, I am now helping out at a local HS this year. To top it all off, I have taken on the role of coaching our keepers, a position I have taken up in our coed league and on occasion have been known to succeed at. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Anyway, with a new season starting up, I'm glad to re-launch the Coach posts from BOB's past.

Keeper practice today was at 4 pm in 40 degree weather and full on rain. Felt like 34. I had a couple field players come to help out and execute some finishing drills so all told, there were 6 of us out there on the artificial turf in freezing weather. When it comes to keeper practice, it doesn't get more extreme than that I think.

Coach: Guys, let's make sure we stretch our our hamstrings a lot. It's freezing out here. In fact, if you are under the age of 35 and your back hurts, it probably has to do with your hamstrings being too tight.

5 freezing players: Yes sir.

Coach: Now, if you're like me, and your back hurts, you're just old.

Player: Coach, you're not that old.

Coach: Good answer.

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Robert Cortiglia said...

Your years at RPI certainly prepared you for 40 degrees. I can remember getting ready for NCAA's and wondering if it was legal to wear full tights under our shorts...