Monday, March 23, 2009


I send out a lot of text messages to my team in order to get them important information quickly. I usually try to throw some humor into the messages in an effort to keep things somewhat light and to help connect with them in some fashion. A typical message goes like this:

"Game is at 2 pm; Field 24; wear white, bring your blue. Bring the noise."

Unfortunately, no one got my Public Enemy reference on that one. With that as background, the following exchange happened this past weekend.

Player 1: Coach, what's a kasbah?
Player 2: Rock the Kasbah, it's a Clash song.
Player 1: Oh, I thought it was a typo.

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SINEDDIE said... just bumped up a bunch of cool levels w/ if you said Anthrax....well off the charts w/ me.