Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FIL: Orange Blossom

There is a chance that these guys may be one of the highlights of the festival. They play Saturday night at 9 and Sunday at 4. Pick your preference. Band influences range from Mexico, Algeria, France, electronic, techno, trip hop, world music and apparently anything else you can throw in the pot, like a violin and some previous collaborations with an Ivorian percussion group. Seriously, how are you not curious at this point.

This video is a compilation of tunes and some interviews with the band members. Really cool.

Here is a live performance of their song Denya.


mdeclouet said...

Your fil posts have me thirdting for a festival I won't be able to attend. Forgot to request off...huge mistake.

SINEDDIE said...

I need new music my friend...send me some mixes??