Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Yesterday we went to meet Mocha at his temporary foster home, and introduce Jozy to see if the dogs would be comfortable sharing space together. The initial meeting went well. After the initial meeting, we then had to bring the dogs to our home. So last night was the first night that Mocha and Jozy spent in the same house together. All in all, I guess you can say that it went fairly well. The dogs played a little bit, sniffed around, Jozy declared her dominance, Mocha hid in the corner, and then by the end of the night, Jozy allowed Mocha to sleep on her bed for a bit. That last bit is the one that gives me hope that Jozy will not terrorize Mocha forever.

So my initial reaction to the introduction of Mocha into the house is a littel tepid at the moment. Jozy needs to get over her jealousy and territory issues, and I would like to see them playing together a little more. However, it is only day 1 so...

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