Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paris Scenes

Well, the first day is sometimes the hardest because you don't want to give in to jet lag. We went immediately to our hotel and waited for our room to be ready. While we waited, I went and caught a pick up football game in the Tuileries Gardens. Age range was from 12 to 50. I decided to sit out and just watch rather than join the game.

For better or for worse, as soon as the room was ready, we took a 2 hour nap and then headed out into the city. We were hunting for a pub to watch the US vs Brazil game. In the end, we found an expat bar called the Moosehead and were glad to find that others in the bar were also cheering for the US. Prior to the game though, we stumbled on this place. Let me tell you, the pastries and chocolates were amazing.

Following the game (and what a great game it was), we walked back through the gardens and around the Louvre, which is beautiful at night. Here is a shot of a sculpture found in the gardens.

No plans for tomorrow. At the top of Carlee's list is to find fresh raspberries! On the top of my list is to figure out the bike rental program. So far, our credit card does not work so that is a little odd.


Anonymous said...

That is odd about the bikes. Let me know if you figure it out or if we can help from here! Pics were great! Molly

Wayne LaBar said...

Concerning the game: check out this add for a chicken place in S Africa after the game. make sure you read the fine print.

enjoy paris!

mdeclouet said...

Love Carlee's expression in the bike pic.