Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Snake's Hip and The Bee's Knees

One of my player's introduced me to the phrase "the bee's knees" about 4 months ago or so. You have probably seen it on recent Geico commercials. I had never heard it before and thought it might have some sort of origin from a rap song or other pop culture source. Randomly decided to look it up tonight and came across this:

The phrase "the bee's knees", meaning "the height of excellence", became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s, along with "the cat's whiskers" (possibly from the use of these in radio crystal sets), "the cat's pajamas" (pyjamas were still new enough to be daring), and similar phrases which made less sense and didn't endure: "the eel's ankle", "the elephant's instep", "the snake's hip". Stories in circulation about the phrase's origin include: "b's and e's", short for "be-alls and end-alls"; and a corruption of "business".
Be on the look out for me dropping the phrase "the snake's hip" or the "eel's ankle" in the upcoming weeks.

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