Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well Traveled....

So I recently hopped on Nike ID and designed a new pair of sneakers for myself. They were shipped this past week and are currently in Anchorage, AK. I had a little bit of buyer's remorse at some point because I did not spend as much effort into designing these as I did my last pair...which involved voting on this same blog. Granted, I spent days and weeks stressing over the last pair, so nto spending as much time on this pair of shoes was probably healthy for me.

I wonder how these will turn out. Each time I look at this design I have a different opinion. Sometimes I think they look pretty damn cool, sometimes I think someone in China might be laughing at this silly American. Take a look at the UPS tracking. Pretty amazing to see how far my shoes have run already (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Alaska).

In related news, I just completed 6 weeks of back to back travel (except for Thanksgiving) for my job. At this point, I will be settling into a steady and manageable pattern moving forward with no more travel until January. The last 2 months have been busy...and these sneakers are not the only well traveled pair of shoes that I own at this point - I just hit Platinum status on Continental this past month.

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Xularite said...

Platinum Status with Continental, that's pretty intense. If you're not familiar with the process, one may think, "wow that's cool" which it is. But if you know what it takes to get there, one would think, "wow, that's grueling." Either way, that's pretty amazing. Congrats. Next few vacations with the wife could very well be courtesy of Continental.