Sunday, December 12, 2010

All Stars and Champions

Today was an historic day for the Lafayette Adult Coed League - we held our inaugural All Star game and I have to say that for a planning period of less than 2 weeks, it was a resounding success! Congrats to all of the players (and the league commissioner, my wife, for pulling it off). I felt somewhat involved in the success in that it was an idea that I came up with, and then handed off to the person who can make great things happen (also my wife). Here is a photo of the two all star teams after the game. It was a blast.

I wasn't able to play in the All Star game. Rather than play, I was the coach of the blue team which unfortunately did not come out on top. The reason I couldn't play is that immediately following the All Star game, our coed team (AFC) was playing in the finals. After having been unseated as reigning champion last year and after losing 3 games in the regular season this fall, we were seeded fourth in the playoffs. As a result, we had to claw our way through the quarters, semis and then finals, beating two of the three teams we lost to in the regular season in order to regain the title. We won the final today 2-0. Here's the team after the win!

All around, it was an awesome day for soccer despite a 20-30 mph wind and some rather cold weather. Now its time to look ahead to to look ahead to the spring season!

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