Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Medicine Show Recap

The Medicine Show this past weekend was awesome (photo from the balcony of the Acadiana Center for the Arts shown above). When we showed up, a surprise guest was on stage: Zachary Richard. His appearance was kept a secret and announced the afternoon of the show so I had no idea that we were in for this treat. If you don't know who Zach Richard (photo below) is and if you have any interest in Cajun or roots music, you definitely need to check him out. Click this link to go listen to read about and listen to samples of his recent song released to aid the gulf in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Zachary Richard was followed by BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet - another staple and amazing talent of cajun music. Prior to them taking stage, we made our way to the front which was surprisingly easy. Literally, this venue was so intimate that I was standing right in front of these guys during their whole set. People were just throwing their purses at the foot of the stage and two-stepping away. The UL Wind Ensemble joined them for several songs and the combination was unique, beautiful and something that I'm not sure will be replicated many times in the future. It was awesome.

Those were my two favorite acts. Feufollet followed and provided another great set of music but after a long day of cleaning the house, I had retired to the balcony (see photo at top of post) and was chilling in a comfy chair. All in all, the night was a fitting tribute to Tommy Comeaux, a former member of Beausoleil and long time supporter of cajun music.


karen said...

That was a great night. Mark and I were trying to copy cat Gerd and all of his dance partners.

wilablog said...

I was watching you guys - looked pretty impressive to me!