Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cajun Signs and Football Fever

We spent a little time out at the UL tailgate this past weekend. UL has a new vibe this season with their new coach and local support is through the roof. Oddly enough, 10 years here and this was my first time out at Cajun Field for pigskin. Didn't stay for the game, but the atmosphere was cool regardless.

Here's a classic Cajun sign. Yes, it reads, "Our drinking team has a football problem."

Here's the Rajun Cajun band playing in front of the stadium, viewed from underneath an old live oak. 

Awesome artwork painted on a sheet and hung in the front of someone's RV. Yeah, that's a crawfish ready for battle. 

After the game we had to swing by the grocery store. Here's the display for the fish monger. Those little things with helmets? Fresh prawns on the line of scrimmage. Gotta love it.

You might catch us out there again, maybe this Jersey boy can get behind the "Wear Red" movement this year.

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