Friday, March 16, 2012

Philippine Notes: Observe Cleanliness

We probably spent less than 15 hours in Manila since we needed to get down to Bohol for a wedding. It takes less than 10 minutes for the city to hit your senses.

1. People are everywhere and if there is any order to the traffic, pedestrian, jeepney, motorcycle patterns, they eluded me.

2. Everyone was super friendly. So friendly that our car driver offered me fertility supplements when he found out that we has been married for 6 years with no kids. According to him, oranges work too.

3. Visual and audio noise everywhere in the city. This will be a perfect place to explore when we have a couple of days here after the wedding.

4. Pollution and smog were prevalent, more so than any other city I've been in. Saw a road sign today that read: Observe Cleanliness. Not a piece of paper hung up but an official looking street sign.

Seeing as our time was so short, these impressions are fleeting. We stop back in Manila next week for 2 days and I'm excited to see more.

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