Sunday, February 17, 2013


For the last month or so Jozy has occasionally chosen to "hunt" my car while it is parked in or near our carport. The working theory has been that some sort of rodent or bird has taken up residence outside our house in the area near the carport, gets occasionally startled by Jozy and takes cover under the car. The last week, it has gotten worse and she now routinely jumps, puts her two front paws on the hood of the car and barks incessantly. Today, she started to crawl under the parked car frantically, to the point where I am pretty sure she was on the verge of getting stuck.

That was when we decided to open all of the doors, the hood, etc. and let Jozy explore and satisfy her curiosity to the point of exhaustion...hopefully resulting in convincing her that nothing is living in the car itself.

This did not succeed.

Apparently, something has been building a nest on top of my engine.

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