Friday, July 05, 2013

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

It's been a gradual evolution but I think I have officially crossed the line over into coffee snobbery this past month or so. It's been gradual process that started when we started making a point of visiting micro-roasters when we travel to various cities throughout the year...although, I will confess I was not really expecting to get to a point where I could honestly say that I tasted the difference between different types of roasts, brewing techniques, etc. This past month or so, that has definitely all changed. One of the many triggers, in addition to micro-roaster touring, was how awesome Olympia Coffee Roasting Company's product is tasting in the morning...coming out of a basic french press morning routine that is currently competing against my wife and Jozy for coffee dates/drives in the morning to Starbucks.

I highly recommend this coffee if you enjoy a nice cup of joe. My current favorite is the El Soccoro Maracaturra.

Here's a nicely made video about the company, their coffee and their overall philosophy.


Robert Cortiglia said...

I have been liking Boyd's out of Portland, OR ever since my trip out there. Give it a try...

William LaBar said...

On it. Thanks.