Saturday, July 20, 2013

Setting Up, God is Cajun, Pig and Pickles


I spent a few hours out at the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at the Horse Farm today, which had extended hours until 2 PM and also included what will become a monthly tradition of a food pavilion filled with local food trucks and other food vendors. The photo above is one of those food trucks setting up to start to serve the early lunch/late breakfast crowd. I made a point to bring out my camera today and relax and take in the scenes. What a great tradition for Saturday mornings.

Breakfast for me consisted of a homemade biscuit with egg, cheese sausage (rumored to be venison but fantastic either way) from MadLuAnn's. Lunch was a rib eye burger topped with local favorite Jack Miller's BBQ sauce. Tough to resist the burger after spending a couple hours smelling the magic off of a grill that had this hat perched on the back.

That's right, it says "God is Cajun." Classic.One of my new weekly favorites is stopping by Bread and Circus's table and seeing what type of salty pig parts and pickled goodness they have conjured up each week. Check out the spread below. That's some homemade tasso, pastrami, bacon and a few different pickled creations that are now all crowding out other things from my fridge.

In addition to the photos found in this post, I took a number of other ones that I am pretty excited about. The slide show is below (full screen it by clicking the expand icon in the lower right of the show) and you can also view the full set by clicking this link in order to get to my Flickr page. Enjoy!

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