Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav Watch, Day 5: The Hatches are Battened

It has been a long day of preparation here in Lafayette. We didn't have the ability, tools or supplies to board up our windows so they are taped. Hopefully that accomplishes something. I would say that about30-40% of the homes and businesses are boarded up at this point.

We spent the day securing the indoor and outdoor areas of the house. Tucking away electronics, covering furniture with plastic, buying random supplies at Lowe's and Target, along with thousands of other people making water, batteries and gas precious commodities.

Tomorrow is the day we head out. The storm has shifted projections to the east a little bit and New Orleans has gone mandatory with their evacuations. Traffic is going to be brutal tomorrow but it will most likely be better than staying behind.


pele1410 said...

Ok, that woman is getting Frozen Pizzas. That'll come in handy when power goes out.

(I hope she's not someone you know.)

wilablog said...

No idea who she is.