Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Road to Atlanta

As you have probably guessed from the small resurgence of Coach posts on BOB these days, the fall season is in full gear. In fact, my team is headed to Atlanta next weekend for a soccer tournament with over 40 teams registered in our age group! This will probably be the biggest challenge my team has ever faced as we have just bumped ourselves up into the highest competitive level in our age group as the result of our past successes, and we are registered in the highest division of this tournament. We had a busy off-season on the recruitment side as well and have picked up a number of new players. So far, the sum of the parts really does look like it is creating the strongest side we have ever fielded. The guys look awesome and are coming together as a team.

Our practices as we head into Atlanta are already counting down, with only one left. So to ring in the Road to Atlanta, here is the official mascot of the team in all of her glory. Roll Thunder.


pele1410 said...
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wilablog said...

Sorry pele - I removed your comment since it had one of the guy's names in it. I usually try to avoid doing that. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for wishing us luck though! We will try to stay onside :-)