Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kitchen Project: The Scope

As some of you probably know, my wife and I have been talking about renovating our kitchen for the last 3 years. Well, we are finally breaking through our lack of momentum and moving forward. The project has turned into a much bigger deal then just the kitchen. Here is the defined scope at a high level:
  1. Tear down the wall between our kitchen and living room and leave a island (or peninsula) in its place. Essentially, this makes 2 rooms into one space and will open up half the house.
  2. Tear down all wood paneling in the kitchen and living room and float sheet rock.
  3. New cabinets.
  4. New kitchen floor.
  5. New counter top.
  6. Tray ceiling in the living room.
  7. New stove top and double oven.
  8. Redo the laundry closet - add laundry sink, new walls, new cabinets.
  9. New lighting all around.
  10. New molding, painting and lots of odd jobs throughout. I am thinking about trying to move our air conditioning unit to the attic since it is so loud.
I probably forgot something, but you get the gist. We are gutting two rooms and starting from scratch. It is a huge project. We have our contractor and cabinet maker picked out and are picking out materials for all of the pieces. Check back for updates!


Luke said...

What? No chance for us BoB readers to help you choose materials?

wilablog said...

That may happen...but probably not on my floors and counter tops. :-)

rc said...

Floors = Cork
Countertops = Ice Stone from Brooklyn

check it out...

The Whiskey said...

Jarita Davis likes this.

The Whiskey said...

P.S. what's a "tray ceiling" pls thx?

The Whiskey said...

Interesting choice to open up into the living room-- I would have thought you guys would have knocked down the wall to the dinning room and made that into a bigger open space instead.

My floor plan is very open, and I love it! It feels so bright and airy and cheerful. You guys will love this!

wilablog said...

Found this online somewhere. Basically, we want a higher ceiling in the family room so they raise the center part while the outline remains framing it at its current height.

"A tray ceiling is a rectangular architectural feature that is either inverted or recessed. Tray ceilings can be plain, ornate, subtle or dramatic. Lighting is commonly featured in a tray ceiling and these ceilings are often found in dining rooms, hallways and living rooms.

The basic purpose of a tray ceiling is to break up an ordinary flat ceiling line and add a variation in height to create architectural interest. A feeling of spaciousness can be created by the look of the different levels and a tray ceiling can make a low ceiling look higher. "

wilablog said...

@rc: I am researching cork now. Thanks for the tip. Think I might pass on Ice Stone...what's the benefit with this one?