Monday, July 27, 2009


I promised myself that I wouldn't post about the next mix I made until I finally got to the post office to mail some out. In about 30 minutes or less, I am headed to the post office on my way to the airport so I figure I am safe at this point...

1. You & Me * Dave Matthews Band
2. Last Time * The Jones Street Boys
3. Satellite * TV On The Radio
4. Daylight * Matt and Kim
5. The Runaway * The National
6. One Red Thread * Blind Pilot
7. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead * Stars
8. I'll Fight * Wilco
9. Don't Wanna Cry * Pete Yorn
10. Sanitarium * PT Walkley
11. A Lot of Moving * The Avett Brothers
12. Buildings & Mountains * Republic Tigers
13. Oh Night * The Jones Street Boys
14. Autumn Beds * Modest Mouse
15. So Far Around The Bend * The National
16. Nights Like These * Lucero
17. Quiet Little Voices * We Were Promised Jetpacks
18. Off I Go * Greg Laswell
19. Daydreaming * PT Walkley
20. Girl in the War (with String Quartet) * Josh Ritter
21. Hurt Feelings * Flight of the Conchords


The Whiskey said...


Anonymous said...




Just received my copy of the BOB Monthly Mix. YAHOO!!!

I did not want to ask it. But I REALLY, REALLY wanted this one. Telepathy, I guess.

Have an awesome week, dude! You made mine.


Your Chicago "snowflake" friend

wilablog said...

Awesome - glad you are excited! Hope you found something on it that you enjoy.

Wayne LaBar said...

some old stuff there like:

Buildings & Mountains * Republic Tigers

wilablog said...

That is absolutely correct. Not necessarily my intent to have everything be new...more my intent to be whatever I happen to be listening to, mostly new and some old.