Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Odd Habits

Jozy has started to adopt a few odd habits as she progresses through her teen years. For example:

1. New sleeping positions such as this one.

2. A more relaxed posture as she stares out the back window (previously she used to be fully alert).

Note the contrast to her pre-teen posture...


Wayne LaBar said...

So the comment from your brothers in Arizona is how you get to do blog entries about your sog and kitchen in what we would call the "word day?" Aren't you leaving time stamped evidence of non work on company hours


wilablog said...

You guys need to lay off the sauce. You can't even type straight.

And if your job doesn't allow you to take a break every once in awhile during the day and recharge or talk to your co-worker about the game last night, you should quit. Just so happens I don't have any co-workers in my office with me. Thus you see a BOB post.

Thanks for reading!

Wayne LaBar said...

Hey we only had 3 drinks before 3 PM today!

Talking to coworkers is one thing, taking pics, down loading, typing the comments, spell checking, whew! That's got to be an hour!

Hey were still trying to get through the entire book on PKs

Boys in AZ

wilablog said...

It might take an hour if you are drinking during the day...which apparently you were doing. 5 minutes per post is the average time needed. If you need longer, upgrade your browser to one that has spell check, get a faster camera, and work on your typing proficiency.

Barbara said...

Sounds like brothers to me after reading the comments.