Thursday, September 17, 2009

Media Convergence

Came across the following video late tonight as I was getting some work done and it made me do a little research into the conference it is advertising, The Economist's conference on Media Convergence, subtitled The Moment of Truth: Consumers, Technology and Commerce.

I would love to go to NY and attend this. Confirmed speakers include thought leaders from IBM, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Craigslist, The Economist, Google, PBS, Sony, Starbucks and more.

Unfortunately it costs $3000 to register. If you want to sponsor my registration, let me know.

From the conference site:
The surge of new technologies and social media innovations in today's environment is significantly altering the future media landscape for marketers. Consumer behaviour is changing and the way marketers reach their audience must also change. Marketers are searching for new ways to not only reach their customers, but to understand them, to peer inside their minds. As the level of consumer understanding increases, so can the knowledge of how best to reach them. However the plethora of tools at a marketers disposal is not easy to navigate and real learning comes from a real understanding of the future of media convergence.

Media Convergence forum gathers a unique speaking faculty of thought leaders, marketing psychologists, technology experts, futurists, media and marketing professionals to look into the future to consider the ideas, technologies and tactics that tomorrow's best organisations will adopt.

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