Friday, September 04, 2009

Ze Frank and the Health Care Debate

It doesn't matter where you fall on the health care debate, I think you can watch this and appreciate it. I love the comparison to running it like a business (at 1:59). "It's business-like but it is not like an ordinary business." Nothing like a simple analogy to drive to the core of a problem. Health is fundamental.

via my friend Cool Hand Luke, Ze Frank on the health care debate.

The other thing that hit home about this clip is the reference to the fact that what Ze would like is a politician who has his best interest at heart rather than trying to scare him - like a doctor should have your best interest at heart, rather than trying to scare you. So why did this hit home? Well, when my doctor admitted me this past week to check out my ankle, he had a flyer plastered all over his wall criticizing the proposed health care reform. His political views don't bother me...but using that platform to force them on me? I'll be finding a new doctor moving forward.

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Have to love wheat graphs!