Sunday, January 03, 2010

Poll: Who's Your Daddy?

Jozy is having her DNA tested to find out what type of breeds make the unique mixture of energy that she is. The DNA kit was a Christmas present from my wife's mother and consisted of 2 cotton swabs and a postage paid envelope. All of those CSI episodes

finally paid off and we took Jozy's DNA sample around midnight on New Year's eve after a great dinner with my brother and his wife (who acted as eye witnesses and documented the event).

Take a crack at guessing the primary breed that Jozy is by voting in the poll below. Results should be back in, in about 2 weeks!

Who's Jozy's Daddy?

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Xularite said...

No matter what, she is a great and beautiful dog. I bought my wife a dog for christmas, he's no jozy, but we love him just the same...