Saturday, January 09, 2010


2009 was a slow year for monthly mixes. This was the December mix...just took me a while to put a cover on it. Some of the usual suspects from past mixes found on this one, like The Avett Brothers, Pela and Phish. This mix also includes two songs from a band I had the opportunity to see live in Austin, TX (Hayes Carll).

2010 brings with it a renewed commitment from me to "step up my game" so to speak. That said, the first mix of 2010 is almost complete as is the mix from the new tradition my wife and I started last year (creating a compilation of our favorite songs from all the mixes of the year). So expect another 2 where this one came from fairly soon.

1. The Walls Are Coming Down * Fanfarlo
2. Say Hey (I Love You) * Michael Franti & Spearhead
3. Your Desert's Not a Desert At All * Pela
4. Beaumont * Hayes Carll
5. Strangest Thing * Grant - Lee Phillips
6. Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare * Matt & Kim
7. Wake Up * The Arcade Fire
8. Unity (featuring Matisyahu) * Trevor Hall
9. Laundry Room * The Avett Brothers
10. Backwards Down The Number Line * Phish
11. Carolina Drama * The Raconteurs
12. Genesis 3:23 * The Mountain Goats
13. Houses * Dinosaur Jr.
14. Have a Little Faith * Michael Franti & Spearhead
15. Drunken Poet's Dream * Hayes Carll
16. River * Akron/Family
17. The Lime Tree * Trevor Hall
18. Raise It Up * The IMPACT Repertory Theatre & Jamia Simone Nash
19. Life is Beautiful * Vega4


mdeclouet said...

Looking forward to some new music on the way to dinner:)

Luke said...

I really like Hayes Carll. Good stuff.

wilablog said...

First I ever heard him was during his live show in Austin - opening for the DBT's. Enjoyed the show a lot.