Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's the good ones that will last

It was not easy for me and my wife to pick or favorite tracks from all of the monthly mixes made in 2008, but we eventually settled on this list. And I would be lying to you if I told you we didn't have new contenders occasionally popping up in conversation when we listen to some of the mixes over again. Take it for leave it, here are the top 20.

1. Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur ~ Sigur Rós
2. The Ballad of the RAA ~ The Rural Alberta Advantage
3. Plus Ones ~ Okkervil River
4. Stay Positive ~ The Hold Steady
5. A Sunday Smile ~ Beirut
6. The Girl ~ City And Colour
7. Radio Song ~ The Felice Brothers
8. Flume ~ Bon Iver
9. Rocky Took A Lover ~ BellX1
10. Latitudes ~ Pela
11. Apartment Story ~ The National
12. Walcott ~ Vampire Weekend
13. Anytown Graffiti ~ Pela
14. Despite What You've Been Told ~ Two Gallants
15. She Wakes When She Dreams ~ Lucero
16. Backwards with Time ~ The Avett Brothers
17. High Heeled Stomp ~ The Figs
18. The Temptation Of Adam ~ Josh Ritter
19. Southern Comfort ~ Arrah and the Ferns
20. Heima (Studio Version) ~ Sigur Rós


mdeclouet said...

You could have given me a copy last night.

wilablog said...

Yeah. Forgot.

Riffle said...

Hope I'm on the list for this! The two you sent me last month were VERY much appreciated -- getting constant play-time on the laptop - You are solely responsible for making me an Avett Brothers and Lucero fan. Thanks for the tunes.