Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leave It

One of Jozy's cooler tricks these days is when she balances a treat on her nose and waits for the "Take it" command to try to flick it up in the air and catch it. She normally misses and just picks it up from the ground. Maybe one day she will have the move down from front to back. The "Leave it" part is cool enough for me. The photo above was taken last weekend as we were enjoying some play time in the back yard and right after she had gone swimming.

Check out the determination in her eyes as she waits for the "take it" moment.


SINEDDIE said...

whats with all the collars?

wilablog said...

There are 2 collars.

1. Name/rabies collar
2. The collar she wears to go outside which functions as the wireless fence.

She does not wear the latter in the house.