Monday, April 05, 2010

Used...and not Cheap

So I was researching a book this past weekend related to warm-up exercises for soccer teams and found something that I thought was pretty funny. You might think warm-ups are easy: jog and stretch. However, there is an overwhelming amount of research related to dynamic stretching, which focuses on muscle groups and movement related to a soccer game vs. static stretching which is what everyone, including me thinks of when you think about stretching (i.e. reach down and touch your toes).

Anyway, I am working on learning more about dynamic movement and stretching and found this book: Warm Ups for Soccer: A Dynamic Approach. Looks good and is exactly what I am looking for.

Out of curiosity I researched the used book prices on Amazon. Click this link and scroll down. Someone has it listed for $999. Hey, I guess if you are silly enough to buy it for $1,000 rather than get a $14 copy...power to you.


Xularite said...

Ironically, I ordered this book a few days ago. It will be here monday. I'll bring it to you to view.

wilablog said...

Perfect. Sounds like a cheaper bargain than $1K.