Monday, September 27, 2010

The Referee At Work

I was out of town last week so I did not have to figure out where to work while the house was getting ripped up. The first week of the remodeling project I was able to work at a good friend of ours' house (thanks Molly and Joey!) and it worked out pretty good. The only downside to Molly and Joey's place is that my office mate had to go to doggy day care each day. This week I decided I would try to work at our friend Mark's house, to which I could take Jozy and she would be able to spend her day with her friend Maggie.

While Jozy had an awesome day, I had one that was less than productive. Jozy just couldn't really handle being in such close proximity to her friend and allow me to get in the zone and get work done. She also couldn't handle Mark's cat Jack too well, so there were some occasional barking fits that drove me a little crazy. Thankfully, Mark, referee in soccer and in the dog world was able to help me out a bit. Here is the referee separating the two dogs and maintaining a little order.

Yes, Maggie was jumping up on the table in order to take a break from playing with Jozy.

As soon as I got home tonight I cleaned up my office and made it a workable space again. The contractor says it should be quiet enough for the next couple of weeks that I'll actually be able to work out of the house. Otherwise, I'll be calling up Molly and Joey and Jozy will be going back to Woof and Whiskers...

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mdeclouet said...

No problem. Proper training on the field led to an enjoyable day by all. Maggie was in bed early...and is still sleeping.