Monday, September 20, 2010

Tom Morello: The Lights Are On In Spidertown

Any song that starts with the lyric "Stand back stormtroopers attack" is either gonna be really bad or jump to the top of your favorite list pretty quick. This one was the latter for me. Now when I tell you that this guy was a guitarist in Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, you'll need to trust me, 'cause this is nothing like that at all. And trust me, it's really fun to listen to.

Stand back stormtroopers attack
On a bright May Day, man I'm gettin' soft
I don't know what do you think?
Looks like 10 fat pigs at a 9 pig trough


Luke said...

I've been on a big Tom Morello kick lately. I love his solo The Nightwatchman stuff and I've been playing some older Rage Against the Machine too. Check out his collaboration with Boots Riley, The Street Sweeper Social Club. Very cool stuff.

Luke said...

And while I agree that The Nightwatchman stuff is a lot different than his work with Rage and SSSC, the themes are the same. This is protest music that advocates revolution. The music is fun especially if your politics run in the same direction...even if you sometimes go, "Wow. I can't quite go that far."

He is a fantastic and extremely versatile guitarist.

I just kinda forget his Audioslave phase. Similar to how I forget Chris Cornell's Audioslave phase.

wilablog said...

Cool. I will check out the SSSC stuff soon. Thanks for the recommendation.