Sunday, October 03, 2010

Red Card

I have been ejected from a soccer game maybe twice in my life. Once when I was young and once as a coach (and the latter I was ejected primarily for an offense I was not guilty of). I say this to note that me getting ejected from a game is pretty out of character. Tonight, I broke away from character and was sent off 10 minutes into our coed game.

Not sure what I was thinking but a poor clear from our keeper while he was off the line led me to be one of two last defenders when the other team hit a shot from 30 yards out. When I went up to head it, and was unable to reach it, my hand mysteriously shot up and just batted it down like I was playing volleyball. Gut instinct? Frustration? Who knows. All I know is that 10-15 minutes in and my team went down to 10 men. I coach my kids all the time to not make stupid decisions and hurt the team - primarily related to talking back to the ref and fighting, but this was not that different.

Kinda disappointed in myself this evening as I had to watch us lose 4-2 as we tried to fight it out with 10 vs 11. No doubt in my mind that we would have won that game if I had not had that momentary laps of judgment.


mdeclouet said...

You and Turney look a lot more fit in this picture:)

wilablog said...

It's not us. I confess.

The Whiskey said...

At least it wasn't for fighting. Or headbutting.

wilablog said...

It's true. I do have that going for me.