Friday, October 15, 2010

Soccer Anyone?

Last Saturday the US MNT played Poland in an international friendly. It was a fun game to watch and - you can check out some highlights below. The purpose of this post though is to tell a quick story about our search for a place to watch the game on a Saturday night while we were in Baton Rouge. The game happened to be on the same time as the LSU football game so most people assumed it was a lost cause and they were pretty much right. We even tried to got o a Mexican sports bar that we stumbled across and the manager there gave us a long story about how he was a huge soccer fan but that he would get stoned if he tried to turn even one TV to the soccer game.

All was lost until we found The Fox and the Hound. These pictures are poor quality may not do this justice but it was a pretty funny scene. I'll take a guess that the bar had about 25-30 TVs and all of them had LSU on. We managed to get the manage to turn on one TV in the back corner hallway next to the shuffleboard table to the soccer game though. Thus, while there were hundreds of screaming LSU fans throughout the rest of the bar:

There was my wife and I in the back corner:

Here are the game highlights.

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