Friday, November 12, 2010


We are wired for surround sound as of this afternoon. I'm gonna butcher this explanation but here is the setup we are going with. As of right now, we are all wired but the hardware won't appear until all the painting is done.

1. Basic in ceiling surround sound speakers.

2. Wall mounted TV. Here is the hole in the fireplace brick:

3. An Onkyo receiver tucked into this corner computer cabinet. I think the sub-woofer is going to tuck in at the base of this guy:

4. Our Mac is gonna be routed through this receiver, streaming video and sound to the TV. Pretty excited about this. I am hoping it gives me all the features like Pandora, NetFlix, etc. right to the TV through our network. Plus, I think we could just use the TV as a general screen to browse the web on. Hope this part works...

5. Outdoor speakers which can be on a different zone than the indoor sound. These are already up on the back porch, just not hooked up yet.

6. Speaker wire has been run to every room of the house. No speakers in those rooms yet though. While the wire can run, the money cannot. So those speakers will be coming later.

Advice needed if you have it: Our tray ceiling is causing a challenge with the surround sound placement so we are gonna need to make a decision related to if we should put the front speakers in the wall. Anyone ever seen that before? Look ok?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Will,

1) Saw your ipod touch tweet. And thought this might interest you:

2) Kitchen looks really great!

3) You all should be getting a snowflake from Chicago soon. BTW - thanks again for being a g-man.

Love to C!


pele1410 said...

If you use it enough, look is secondary to sound. I'd say put the speakers where they'll work the best.

Are you going to just use your mac? or get an AppleTV to run movies and music?