Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drive-By Truckers - Used to Be a Cop

Been listening to the new Drive By Truckers album this past weekend (Go-Go Boots). Saw these guys live and Austin and loved it. Highly recommended. See if they are headed to a town near you.

The lyrics to this song paint a sad picture of a man who joins the force. Here is a part of them.

Used to be a cop, but I got to be too jumpy.
I used to like to party till I coughed up half a lung.
Sometimes late at night I hear the beat a-bumping
I reach for my holster and I wake up all alone.

Used to have a wife but she told me I was crazy.
Said she couldn't stand the way I fidget all the time.
Sometimes late at night I circle round the house.
I look through the windows and I dream that she's still mine.

I got scars on my back from the way my Daddy raised me.
I used to have a family until I got divorced.
I've gone too far from the things that could save me.
I used to be a cop, but they kicked me off the force.
I used to be a cop, till they kicked me off the force.


Luke said...

There is a happy one. I've listened to the new album a few times this week too. It is good.

wilablog said...

Been listening to it tonight again. Good album. Got me through a few hours of late night work this evening.