Friday, February 25, 2011

Want Me Like Time

  1. Walking Far From Home * Iron & Wine
  2. Road Regrets * Dan Mangan
  3. Squealing-Pigs * Admiral Fallow
  4. Where Rainbows Never Die * The SteelDrivers
  5. Au Font Du Lac * Feufollet
  6. Hymn #101 * Joe Pug
  7. Conversation 16 * The National
  8. Mississippi Red * Jason Myles Goss
  9. Milk and Sugar * G. Love and the Avett Brothers
  10. Longtime * Gappy Ranks
  11. Femme l'a dit * Feufollet
  12. Ho Hey * The Lumineers
  13. Lost in My Mind * The Head and the Heart
  14. Basket * Dan Mangan
  15. Record Collector * Lissie
  16. How Good You Are * Joe Pug
  17. The Dilemma * HAYSHAKER
  18. June Hymn * The Decemberists
  19. Born 2 Sin * Bad News Brown
  20. United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop) * DJ Earworm
The last few weeks have been rough and the next couple months will be rougher. I'll be posting but clearly I am struggling finding time. This set of tunes has been on a playlist since almost the second week of January and I just never got around to sharing it. If I could find a post office, you might get a copy. I'll do my best.


karen said...

save me a copy!

wilablog said...

No doubt.

Luke said...

Looks like a good one. I'm going to have to try and find the G Love and Avett song.

mdeclouet said...

Deliver mine at 3:00 on Sunday please. I'll deliver a win in return.

wilablog said...

MD: 3 PM it is. Guarantee of victory noted.

Luke, I'll shoot you a copy. a_ue_overtime must be getting a little worn out ;-)